Sickle Hunter Financial Advisors is an independent financial planning and asset management firm located in Tampa, Florida. We provide our clients with strategies to work toward their financial needs and goals. We have developed a range of financial planning and asset management services and strategies that we will tailor to address your unique aspirations and to simplify your financial life. Financial planning and asset management can help you reach your financial goals.

Sickle Hunter Financial Advisors has no proprietary products and offers unbiased advice and alternatives to address your needs. We work as a team of financial advisors to provide our clients with greater service, attention, and knowledge. The focus begins and ends with our clients in mind.

As with any relationship, communication is one of the keys to our success. We believe that by listening and asking the right questions we can help uncover our clients’ potential. A strong foundation of communication and understanding enables us to build a strong financial plan in pursuit of our clients’ goals.

Our team of experts truly works together to bring you high-level strategies and know how to help you reach your financial goals. While many teams work in the same office and under the same name — at Sickle Hunter Financial Advisors our teams work together to help you reach your goals.

Independence with a Registered Investment Advisor brings with it a fiduciary standard when it comes to your financial life.  Because we have no commitments to any one particular firm or product we can help you make the right financial decisions.