Asset Management


We know you worked hard for your money, and it’s time your money works hard for you.  Our investment philosophy is a long-term value-driven approach.  It’s an asset management service you can trust.

Our portfolios can help you drive growth with our core and satellite model, provide core diversification and drive income with our growth and income model.

We primarily use exchange traded funds that offer the diversification in our portfolios.  To help drive our long-term view and performance we can take highly concentrated positions in stocks.

We invest for the long term and prefer not to focus on the short-term price volatility.  Since we have the ability to take this long term approach, we spend most of our time researching our positions and less time trading.  The three portfolios we focus on allows us to manage your money better because we don’t believe it’s possible to maintain an inordinate amount of positions.

Growth and Income Portfolio

Our growth and income portfolio utilizes diversification, value and dividend equities to help drive returns and produce income.  While maintaining the flexibility to seek other asset classes to drive growth and income.

Diversified Growth Portfolio

Our diversified growth portfolio aims to reduce risk through diversification with a strong focus on the equity market.  Our diversified portfolio holds exchange traded funds and has the flexibility to change if necessary to meet your objectives.

Core and Satellite Portfolio

Our core and satellite portfolio strives for long-term investing with a value driven approach.  It moves between our core portfolio and equity positions to drive returns. Our equity positions are highly concentrated for long periods of time.  The stocks we choose tend to have strong balance sheets and long-term prospects that we believe will drive returns.  The last component that can make a position attractive for our portfolio’s consideration is, of course, the price.  A company with strong financials, long-term prospects and what we believe is undervalued, usually makes it to our short list of investment candidates.

The truth is, you will spend upward of 45 years working to support your lifestyle, provide for your family, and set aside money for retirement.  Our asset management services can help make it an easier journey.

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