Financial New Year’s Resolutions 2012


Bring in the New Year with a financial bang.  Make your Financial New Year’s Resolution 2012!

After a tough year in the stock and job markets, it’s time to make a commitment to yourself. It’s a financial resolution that you are going to do it better this year! Okay, now that you’ve decided to do better financially and make the correct decisions, now what? Financial planning could be the answer you are looking for. It’s pretty simple just to put money into your 401k at work or an IRA with your broker, but planning takes a bit more work. First, you will need to define your financial goal, whether it be retirement or your next vacation, having the correct game plan can make it easier. Here are the basics:

6 Steps to Your Financial Success


  1. Have a goal.

  2. Gather the facts.

  3. Analyze those facts.

  4. Create a plan.

  5. Execute your plan.

  6. Track your plan.

Easy, right?

Not exactly, financial planning or more importantly the correct financial advice is what can help you reach your financial goals.

Well, it’s not much different than last year’s gym membership. Did you go as often as you said you would?

No, because you may have learned the hard way that dumbbells don’t lift themselves.

Getting a financial adviser may help you quickly and more efficiently put your goals more within reach. Start your New Year’s resolution outright; get a financial adviser.

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