Debt: America’s Monster


Many people assume that financial advisors are only for individuals who have a lot of money saved.

Financial Advisor vs. Debt

Although financial advisors can help you save and invest, they can also help you get out of debt. Many American’s are in debt at some point in their adult life. The quicker you can get rid of it and under control, the quicker you can start saving. A financial advisor can go over all your options and help you navigate the often confusing world of debt, fast.

Debt is an epidemic

Debt is a national problem, the government and the American people are carrying way more than they can handle. Restoring people’s credit and borrowing abilities is key for national and individual growth. Quickly paying off your debt now means lower interest rates in the future should you borrow money to buy a house, expand your business, or enroll in higher education.

The Debt Pitfall

Making the wrong decisions when it comes to payment, interest, fees and other complex financial dealings can end up costing you thousands. Remember, your debtor profits from the interest you pay them. Their only concern is if they get paid.  Consolidating or making it easier for you to pay back is not their first priority.  They don’t have much incentive to make this easier for you to pay them back. You need someone who can advocate for you and your family.

You need someone who can advocate for you and your family.  Finding a solution that works for you.  The longer you hold your debt the longer your interest payments keep accruing.  Think of it like renting — you’re basically renting money and the longer you rent the more you pay.

You have options and you have allies who can help you overcome these burdens.  Find an advisor that can help you chop down that debt and get your financial life back on track.  It’s now up to you to make the decision to face your debts.

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